It is important to provide safety and security for all of your customers' private information for any transactions done on your e-commerce website.

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About Us

Safe Info is a qualified organization that is committed to the protection of online privacy by establishing professional privacy policies and security features within e-commerce websites. We offer you a detailed program to enable you to operate your online business ethically, as well as to provide your customers with clear information about the usage of their personal information.
This is something that every online customer looks for in order to trust the company that they purchase from, which will directly increase your traffic and your sales, as well as give you an advantage over your competition. Online business is incredibly competitive, but investing in a Safe Info seal of approval will allow you to demonstrate your credibility in ethical business practices by providing evidence of your trustworthy data collection in all business transactions.

Our main focus is privacy for all online customers, which is something that every consumer on the Internet is looking for. This is especially true because of past abuse that has happened within the online setting, which is why we are more dedicated than ever to improving safety on the web for both customers and businesses. Online transactions are an area that needs to be focused on for security purposes, and we also enable you to demonstrate to all of your customers your safe practices in gathering their information. This does include such private data as credit card information, addresses, and home phone numbers, which will further alleviate your customers concerns so that they can trust in any transactions that they make on your website.

This also allows you the ability to further meet your customer's needs by answering their questions about your privacy settings, enabling them to purchase or use services from your website. This is the first step in better business practices, which enables you to provide clear and detailed information to all of your customers to enhance your credibility.

Safe Info offers you a detailed inspection of the privacy policy of your website, where we will then award you with a seal of approval if you pass our standards. These standards are part of making the web a safer place, which is something that benefits both the customer and the business. As an online business, it is important to focus on the safety of your security settings, which will then increase the strength of your reputation as a whole. All of this is made possible through our expert services in online privacy and data security protection.

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